The new drugs and the sea: Tramadol seized by Italian financial police

Jun 05, 2017




A drug shipment headed to Libya has been identified and seized by the Italian Guardia di Finanza in the port of Genoa (Northern Italy). The police seized three containers coming from India, in which they found 37 million tablets of Tramadol, hidden under a load of fabrics, the officially declared content of the cargos. The seized drug, worth € 75 million, is a synthetic opioid of the benzenoid class, active ingredient of a number of prescription painkillers used to treat severe pain. Tramadol is reportedly used by terrorists and fighters in order to reduce pain, to increase endurance strength and to alter the senses. There is knowledge of Tramadol consumption by kamikaze in the Gaza Strip, and Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria.

In recent years several studies and investigations have been carried out in order to analyse the so called narco-terror nexus, that is thelinks between drug trafficking and terroristic groups activities.

RISSC, among the European Project NARCOMAP, is carrying out a pilot study on the potential interconnections between NPS and terrorism with the intent to increase the knowledge of these two complex phenomena and their nexus.

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